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To book an appointment. If you need help finding the perfect gift celebrating an upcoming mild stone or jewelry style advice we are here to help. 

Phone (718) 413-5130


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Monday-Friday 10:00AM–7:00PM EST
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With proper care you can preserve the beauty of your Creative Motif Jewelry.

Keep your jewelry in a dry place. Do not expose jewelry to harsh chemicals, lotions, fragrances and hair products. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming, at the gym or during contact sports. Wipe jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth before and after use to restore luster.

 We are happy to provide the following services:

Jewelry Repair, Jewelry Resizing, Jewelry Polishing and Personal Engraving at an additional cost.


Step 1- Massage lotion or oil into your hand and wrist.

Step 2- Make sure to relax your hand muscles. 

Step 3- Slide the bracelet off of your wrist while gently twisting the band.

Step 1- Measure your wrist just below the wrist bone, where one would normally wear a bracelet, with a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper.

Step 2- If you are using a plain strip of paper, then measure that paper strip with a ruler to determine your wrist size.

Step 3- Add 1/4 inch to 1 inch (average is 1/2 inch) to your wrist size, depending on whether you would like a snug, comfort, or loose fit. This is the ideal bracelet length for you.


Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are unhappy with your purchase you can return your unworn item within 10 business days with proof of purchase and we will gladly issue a store credit. Customers are responsible for shipping and handling fees on all returned items. 

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Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $100 before tax.

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